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[ANNOUNCEMENT] The FilePro evolution continues…

Today marks the next step in our makeover with an evolution of the FilePro brand. With the majority of our FilePro software facelift complete in version 22.1, and the launch of FilePro Cloud earlier this year, it was time to focus on our website and branding.

Same look, different colours

Our logo is quite simple. It represents tabs and the opening of new files within our software. It’s a design that authentically reflects our legal practice management software, so it was decided that it stays. You will notice that our brand colours have evolved from black, grey, blue, orange and green to a dark and light blue, yellow, teal and purple. These colours are also used throughout our software, so it made sense to ensure these matched our system.

A clear, simplified approach to the user experience on our website

Our world demands a clear online window to your business’ services, culture and brand differentiators. After all, your website is the first place ‘shoppers’ gain exposure to your business and validate a word of mouth referral. It’s not enough to be internally comfortable with your business’s value proposition, service levels or client numbers if your website doesn’t highlight your differentiators and offer ease of navigation to answer your questions.

We wanted to offer prospective clients and existing clients a streamlined approach on the website with a clear path and ease of access to the three different areas of focus – information about our legal practice management software, FilePro Cloud and MyFilePro Support (used by our clients).

What does this mean for you?

While we might be evolving our look and website to attract more prospective clients, we want to ensure you have a better online experience as a valued client. And, rest assured that our personal, same day service levels proudly offered by our Australian based support team remain unchanged.

Software updates and workshop sessions that form part of our Unlimited Training and resources can still be found under the MyFilePro Support section.

Look for a new feature on this page that allows you to purchase files!

If you would like a personalised guide to our new website to source upgrades, training schedules or thought leadership articles, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Be prepared for their excitement about other website features due to be released over the next few months. And, of course, we always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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