Reduce your fixed costs and technology troubles with a fully-managed private server hosting option – Introducing FilePro+

We work with a number of private hosted server providers to allow you to outsource your servers to full-time professionals. Helping you do what you do best.

Data security provides peace of mind

FilePro+ providers run on secure private Australian servers which include fully encrypted daily backups. They are constantly monitored for security threats and deliver full applications to desktop, not via web-based public access, enhancing data security and privacy. Each hosted server is kept in a separated network environment within the DataCentre, and password lockout, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection ensure your data remains private. Can you say the same of your current servers?

Put your business in safe hands

FilePro+ providers ensure absolute business continuity. All server hardware is backed by enterprise level warranties and is supported by spare equipment on ‘hot’ standby. You don’t need to worry about constantly updating your equipment either – it’s all managed for you. And your data is automatically backed up every night.

Accessible and scalable

You can access FilePro+ from wherever you have an internet connection – on either a Mac or Windows PC. As well as this, there’s no need for separate servers or databases across different offices. And in the event you decide to change providers, all your data is returned to you within 24 hours.

The FilePro+ difference

While FilePro’s fee does not include private hosting server costs, many of our IT hosted-server providers offer similar per-matter pricing with no setup fees or lock-in contracts. They’ll even cover your Microsoft Office and SQL licenses to sweeten the deal. Speak to one of our IT hosted-server providers for more details on their pricing and how this compares to running your servers in-house.


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