Discover seamless searching for Land & Property, Company & Business and Personal information. Integration into FilePro means a more streamlined approach saving time and money.

FilePro’s integration with Dye & Durham Search offers clients a range of time-saving efficiencies when ordering online Property, Company and Business information.

Features include

  • Return of search results in real-time, direct to the matter – removing the need to manually download and store the information you’ve ordered.
  • Access to the industry’s widest range of Property, Business, Company and Personal information.
  • Access to Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) Searches, as well as the ability to create, amend and discharge registrations on the PPSR.
  • Automated billing, meaning you’ll never miss a disbursement.

Want to know more?

We’ve put together a quick video to show you how it integrates with the FilePro system.

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