“I wish there were more hours in the day”. We’ve all heard someone say it – or said it ourselves.

Time management is always an issue for law firms. After some recent client health checks, we’ve identified a number of FilePro capabilities that are not properly being utilised, so we wanted to highlight features that will enable you to use FilePro more efficiently.

1. Send an invoice or receipt via email

You can send any invoice or receipt directly to your client from within your file. Simply right click the object and select ‘Attach to email as pdf’.

Many people prefer to send invoices with a signature. You can easily do so by including an e-signature – please speak to the NRC for more information.

FilePro Attach to email as PDF

2. Change a timesheet via the invoice screen

There are often small timesheet changes once you’ve completed an invoice. Fee earners may give further direction on draft bills – e.g. descriptions or units may need adjusting.

You can easily accomplish this within the invoice. Simply unbill the item by double clicking the ‘Billed’ check box and right click to view the timesheet. Then make the necessary changes and re-bill.


3. Preview documents

If you’re searching for something particular, you can open up a document preview by right clicking and selecting ‘Preview’. This means you won’t have to open each document, close it and then check back in.

4. Streamline your review process

You can send a document for review with the ‘Request Review’ feature. Rather than emailing the document or printing a copy, you can easily send a review request to any other staff member in your firm. They’ll receive an icon on their FilePro desktop which highlights how many documents need to be reviewed.

This icon will then open up a screen with all the documents that need reviewing. Double click to open each document and edit as needed. Using this feature ensures you are editing the document within FilePro – meaning other users will only have access to a read-only version of the document (this helps avoid duplicates and errors).

FilePro Document Review

5. Access detailed transaction data

If you’re searching for transactions within the E/M General Ledger or Bank Reconciliation screen, you can directly open the transaction by right clicking and selecting ‘View transaction’. This will open it up in a separate screen with all the details, and is an easy way to check you’ve selected the correct transaction.


6. Use FilePro’s PDF creation tool

It’s very important to send client documents in PDF format. This is because PDFs are accessible from every device and cannot easily be edited.

You can create a PDF by right clicking a document and selecting ‘Make PDF copy’ (this feature requires Office 2007 or higher).

You can also combine a number documents into one PDF file, rather than sending separate attachments to your client. With multiple documents selected, right click and select ‘Create PDF from selection’. You’ll then receive a prompt (below) allowing you to give the document a unique name and order the individual files. A new document will then appear in your matter document list, which can then be emailed directly to the client.



7. Enhancing controlled monies

If you bank with Macquarie Bank, there is a new facility which allows you to import a file containing all interest entries to controlled monies accounts. This can be very useful if you have a number of accounts, as it reduces the need to manually enter multiple interest receipts each month. Importing the file received from Macquarie Bank automates the creation of all necessary receipts as well as listing ‘exceptions’ for manual review. Please speak to the NRC for more information on this option.