As discussed in last month’s NRC article, 7 tricks for power users, we’ve recently been completing FilePro health checks around the country.

During these sessions, we highlight features that aren’t being properly utilised in an effort to improve efficiency . Needless to say, there’ve been many ‘Ah-ha’ moments.

This article will summarise some of the feedback we have received post health check..

1. “Some staff can’t access everything”

To ensure your staff have access to all available features, you should make sure to regularly update Login Access Profiles and associated templates.

Logged in as the System Administrator, access the System Control menu and select ‘E/M logins’. You’re then able to select each user and customise their access profile.

While you can set up an individual profile for each user, it is convenient to set up a general profile for certain types of users, e.g. admin, support staff or fee earner.


If you’ve already set up a user access profile, then select the profile from the dropdown menu.


If you haven’t, then you’ll need to check each item for the user to access. To set up a general profile for repeated use, select ‘Store’ and enter a name. You can edit the profile at any time by simply making changes and selecting ‘Store’ again, then using the same name.

The NRC does have a suggested profile list which is available on request.

2. “We aren’t using everything available”

You may be missing out on important features simply because you haven’t updated your software. Follow the steps below to ensure your version is the most current

  1. Check that you’re up to date. Select ‘Help’ on your menu bar, then select ‘About’. This will tell you the version of FilePro you’re running. Then visit myFilePro and check the most recent version. If needed, call the NRC to arrange an upgrade.
  2. If you’ve recently upgraded, make sure to read the version notes to see what could be useful for your particular needs.
  3. Keep an eye out for the NRC articles (like this one) in the monthly newsletter – we will often highlight exciting new features

3. “We could be saving so much time”

We’ve found most firms aren’t utilising the many tricks and shortcuts that can save hours a week. Below are some of the most common and effective time savers.

Document Preview
This tip is incredibly simple but affects nearly every user in FilePro. If you need to view a document, but not edit it, simply right click and select ‘Preview’. This will quickly open the document in FilePro and save you an enormous amount of time opening, closing and checking in documents.

Keyboard shortcuts
If you’re on the main FilePro screen, you can use keyboard shortcuts to open menus. Press the ALT key and you’ll notice certain letters will be underscored in the menu. Use the relevant letters to navigate to the desired menu.

Some common examples are:

  • Alt – F – A (E/M Active Files)
  • Alt – T – T (Timesheet entry)
  • Alt – G – P (Profit and Loss)
  • Alt – D – R – T –T (Debtor Aged Trial Balance)

Recently used
If you’re working on a matter, you’ll often open the same files or documents time and time again. You can access recently used files from the File SideBar – simply select ‘Show last 25 files’.


Similarly, you can access recently used documents from the document search screen – just select ‘Show Last 15 Documents’ from Document Tasks.


%wildcard search
You should always use the percentage sign when searching in FilePro to avoid missing records – particularly when the text being searched isn’t at the beginning of a field.

You can also use two percentage signs for broader searches, e.g. you could search for a document, ‘Sale of 15 Jones Street’, by searching ‘%15%street’.

4. “Our report layouts could do with an overhaul”

If you’ve been using FilePro for many years, you should review your FilePro reports. Invoices, Receipts, Statements, Reminder Notices and more can all be enhanced. You’re also able to implement more advanced WIP/Debtor Management tools.

The NRC has ways to make these reports more sophisticated – especially the invoice layouts, where one layout can meet several different billing scenarios.

5. “We aren’t getting enough information out of the system”

You may not be aware of, or regularly use, the key management reports in FilePro. Reports are available under each Menu item as well as the Management Overview screen. You also have the ability to automatically produce multiple reports through the system.

Practice Managers often spend hours collating information and creating spreadsheets for partners. If you are repeatedly creating similar reports, custom reports can be designed to present data in just about any format. If the information exists in FilePro, it can be used in a custom report that can be produced in a single click. Speak to the NRC if you would like more information.