As we talk to more firms, we’re finding that some aren’t performing updates as they’re published, aren’t reviewing update notes or aren’t turning on new features.

FilePro updates are frequent and free. If your cost-per-file includes helpdesk support, there is no charge for your FilePro representatives to perform the updates for you.

Three types of updates

  • Version Updates – released, on average, 2-4 times a year. These include major features, general enhancements and bug fixes. Note: To complete a Version Update you’ll need everyone to log off FilePro and backup your data.
  • DLL Updates – released in-between version updates. These contain hotfixes and smaller enhancements. You don’t need to close FilePro to run a DLL Update, but you’ll need to restart before the changes are applied. We recommend running these at least once a month.
  • Office Addin Updates – released on-demand. These include new tools for Microsoft Office and FilePro. These updates only apply if you are using Office 2010 or later, and only affect individual workstations or servers. Office Addin updates can be run by opening Settings in Outlook, then go to About and click ‘Check for Update’. We would recommend doing this at least once a month.

We recommend restarting your main FilePro server and any Terminal Servers after version updates. This is also useful after a DLL update if you have more than 10 users.

How to update FilePro

Version and DLL Updates are available at MyFilePro.

When you download a Version Update you’ll receive a .zip file. It contains the update file and version notes documenting new features, enhancements and bug features.

Again remember to have everyone close FilePro and backup your data.

When you download a DLL Update you’ll only receive the update file – however the next Version Update Notes will document these DLL changes.

Don’t miss any features

When new features are added they aren’t immediately available due to security risks. We recommend you review the version notes carefully and check which features to switch on in FilePro

To switch on features you’ll need to log into FilePro as the Systems Administrator. Navigate to System – E/M Logins, select the user and click on Change Access Profile. Check the features you want to give staff access to.

You can also store that access profile as a template, e.g. ‘Support Staff’ or ‘Fee Earner’

Keeping FilePro up to date1

Keeping FilePro up to date2

Updating today

At the time of writing the latest versions are FilePro and Office Addin

You can check your version of FilePro by navigating to the Help menu and selecting ‘About’, and Office Addin by opening Settings in Microsoft Outlook and selecting ‘About’.

If you would like help updating FilePro or want more information about new features, give us a call at the National Resource Centre.