Preparing your invoice and marking funds for transfer

When you create a client invoice in FilePro, you can see the available trust funds and enter how much you wish to transfer to cover the client debt. These values will then be used in the invoice generated.


To make sure the funds aren’t used for other purposes from when you enter the invoice to the trust transfer being processed, you can mark these funds for transfer.

Simply select ‘Mark Trust for Transfer on Invoices’ in the System Control screen. Then, after each invoice is finalised, the funds will be marked as below. (Remember, you can finalise multiple invoices at once using the Invoice Manager screen.)

If you then open the Financial tab of the relevant File, you’ll notice the Protected Trust amount has increased. If you click on the Protected Trust link, a window will display any invoices with funds marked for transfer.


You can use this screen to manually remove the marked funds. Alternatively, when you allocate a general receipt to the invoice, you will be asked if you want to remove the marked funds.

Moving funds from Trust to General

Before you move funds, you can preview the Trust Transfer report underneath the Trust Reports menu. This will highlight matters with both a Debtor & Trust balance and may highlight overlooked files. The report provides options to only show cleared funds, finalised invoices etc.

To represent the movement of money from the Trust account into general, you can manually enter a Trust Cheque/EFT and then a General Receipt. There are a number of tools available to simplify this process.

Firstly, when you finish entering your Trust Withdrawal, you can create a General Receipt using the button highlighted below.

You’ll then be asked to complete further details before the General Receipt is created.

You’ll then receive a warning that invoice allocations will need to be done manually.

Your Receipt will appear with the same amounts as your Trust Withdrawal. Select ‘Plus’ to allocate the appropriate invoices, then repeat until all funds are allocated:

It is possible to automate the Trust transfer further by using the ‘Process Trust Transfer’ feature in the Invoice Manager screen.

Invoices must be finalised to be part of the Transfer. If you tag the relevant invoices and click the link, a screen will appear allowing you to stipulate the details of the transfer.

The preview button will display a report highlighting further details of your proposed transfer and flagging any exclusions that are detected (which will not form part of the transfer).

Exclusions include:

  • Trust Transfer amount is $0
  • Invoice is partially paid
  • Invoice is not finalised
  • Invoice is an estimate
  • Invoice is reversed
  • Trust transfer amount is higher than the total Debtor balance
  • Trust transfer amount is higher than the cleared trust balance (which takes Protected Trust into account)

You can also save a copy of this report. Once you have reviewed the report and dealt with any exclusions, select ‘Process’. You’ll be asked to confirm and then given a message indicating the transfer was successful, followed by a report with additional information regarding the transfer.

When you close the report, you will notice that both the Trust Withdrawal and the General Receipt are open in the background. All funds should be allocated to the relevant invoices on the matters.

Using this process will also automatically remove the funds marked for transfer on the Files.
Please also refer to the FilePro Help Manual regarding this feature HERE.

Hopefully these tools are helpful to your accounts staff and will save processing time. They may also help to avoid errors with the entries and funds being mistakenly used when they are marked on a client’s invoice for transfer.

Feel free to contact the NRC if you would like further guidance.