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Taking FilePro to the Cloud – without sacrificing choice, service or ownership

Data is the lifeblood of your legal practice.  Private client and matter details, sensitive client documents, templates and precedents that form part of your firm’s IP and financials allow you to run your practice and plan for the future.

We estimate that if your law firm has been in business for more than a year, this data could be worth at least $100,000.

How are you safeguarding that data?

Would you consider depositing $100,000 in a bank if you were not clear about how and when you could access your funds? Or if someone else held the power in that decision?

This is exactly what’s happening with some Cloud-based Practice Management Systems (PMS) across Australia.

In addition to legislative and compliance requirements, there are additional due diligence considerations that your law firm should be exploring before deciding on the right system for your business.

These statements are the result of our monitoring of the steady shift towards more cloud-based solutions in the Legal profession. This shift, accelerated over the last 2 years, encompasses remote server options and the use of mobile and web-based apps, reflecting the need for lawyers and legal staff to ‘work from anywhere’  efficiently and securely.

As our clients have asked for the most sensible ways to house their practice management software, whilst retaining ownership of and access to their data, we have recommended privately hosted servers, where they are practical and for a range of reasons, provide the best outcomes for the firm.

Simply put, privately hosted servers allow firms to safely and securely outsource the management of their systems but retain full ownership of their data.

Until recently, we have relied solely on third parties to facilitate these requirements.

We are therefore excited to formally launch FilePro Cloud to our clients and welcome Zahn Nel to our Board as CEO and Director of FilePro Cloud.

Our strategy is backed by our client’s feedback in 2021 that reinforced a preference for FilePro to provide these services:

  • 80% of our clients wanted to see FilePro offer more cloud-based options including apps to access FilePro’s functionality; and
  • 80% confirmed a preference to have a single, trusted provider for their practice management software and cloud-based solutions.

FilePro Cloud will deliver a range of cloud-based options to our clients, whilst still preserving our cultural differentiators in the market:

  • We believe our clients should have choice and flexibility, so that they can adopt new technology that suits their requirements, within their timeframes; and
  • We do not want to lock up people’s data, or enforce lengthy contracts, making it hard to move to a different provider.

We are proud to be a PMS provider that offers more than one cloud solution while continuing to be committed to our server-based software offering. Our cloud offering will continue to evolve at a rapid pace including the release of a series of mobile and web-based apps in 2022 and beyond.

We want to help with whatever system works the best for you and your firm.

In considering your current situation, do these questions resonate?

  • Has your firm ever experienced issues with various software applications and then wondered who to contact?
  • What if you didn’t have to wonder?

It stands to reason that if your software provider is responsible for the environment that the software lives in, you can take comfort knowing they are invested in their applications performing to the highest possible standard and avoiding red tape, should you require support, training or any other assistance.

A single channel to come through, with a person, locally based, answering your call every time.

To date, firms are already opting to house their FilePro system with us given their experience of FilePro’s reputation for high levels of client support and technological expertise. Most importantly, this results in confidence that there are no pieces of the PMS puzzle outside of FilePro’s domain.

So, as always, we encourage you to lean on your software provider and contact us if you are considering major changes in these areas, such as:

  • If you want to make sure your plans for future server and IT upgrades are aligned with your software applications;
  • If you are concerned about every piece of data in your practice management software being backed up in the best possible way;
  • If you think there might be smarter ways to empower your staff to work remotely and efficiently; or
  • You just want to know what is around the corner at FilePro, so you’re not missing out.

We look forward to working with all our existing and new clients, in unison with your IT providers, to deploy the level of cloud that is right for your business, as we have successfully implemented for quite a number of firms already.

Our promise to you: adopt a level of cloud that suits your business to give you the ultimate FilePro experience. Your choice, your data, your peace of mind.

Click here to find out more and access our comprehensive guide that provides you with the success factors and friction points you need to consider before migrating your practice management system to the Cloud.

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