WEBINAR: Making it easier to interact with your clients

Despite the challenges, 2020 ignited a fire in law firms around the world with an ambition to adapt, improve and update. 

From delivery of legal services to remote working to virtual court sessions, we’ve seen some best practices emerge from these tough times.

In this webinar with Todd Keeler, CEO and Garth Brown, Sales Manager, FilePro, they discuss and uncover the software tools (from a range of providers) that are key to making it easier to interact with your clients.

Every law firm, whether fully remote or with multiple offices, will learn about the tools available to efficiently collaborate, interact and add value to their client relationships.

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Client and Matter Management

Our approach allows firms to recognise data as a multiplier to improve their client experience and brand value.

Document              Management

Time Management

No matter how you bill matters, where you are or what device you are on, capturing time accurately and promptly, without double handling, is critical to a deeper understanding of your firm’s profitability.


Automation and Workflows

Our earliest client has been with us for over 20 years, growing from a two-partner practice to a 70 user firm. 

FilePro Clients lean on us to grow profitably. Can you say the same about your current software provider?

One System.

Many Solutions.

FilePro integrates with other specialist legal software.

Online Searches

Time and Activity Cost Capture

Digital Signatures

Automated Payments

Remote Access

Onboarding New Leads and More

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