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If your law firm has the will, FilePro has the way.

FilePro legal practice management software combines six key practice management functions.

Practice Management

Access interactive practice management information that’s easy to understand – in real time.

Document Management

Capture, store and manage all the data associated with your legal matters.

Trust and Accounting

Complete accounting without specialised staff or software (or an accounting degree)

Time Management

Manage and record time – before, during or after a billable event.

Document Assembly

Quickly create customised documents, forms or contracts pre-filled with client data.

Activity-Based Costs

Automatically capture legal practice costs and make them immediately available for billing.

One system, a range of solutions.

Designed with performance and reduction of time in mind, FilePro is integrated with a variety of legal software for added convenience.

FilePro Mobile

Help your law firm improve productivity and provide better customer service. Give your staff mobile access to  information, time-management tools, customer data and more.

FilePro Connect

Reduces the costs of working with your clients and improve customer service. Give clients a branded portal, mobile access, secure messaging , a conveyancing app and more.

FilePro Searches

Order, save and distribute a myriad of Property, Company and Personal searches via InfoTrack. Integration into FilePro means automatic cost recoveries captured in realtime made available for billing.

Cost Management

FilePro cleverly integrates with Softlog electronic transaction capture software. Pre-fill smart allocation to the correct matter of every copy, print, scan, email and phone call.

Automated payments

Manage your accounts with ease. Macquarie Bank’s integration with FilePro creates back office efficiencies by automating account and payment receipt and reconciliation, reducing admin time.

Cloud or private hosting

Reduce your fixed costs, technology troubles and access FilePro from anywhere, with a fully-managed private server hosting option through FilePro+.

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