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Your Cloud choices with FilePro

For some time, FilePro’s Board has monitored the trend to cloud and mobility-based technology and recognised that our clients’ ever-increasing appetite for cloud-based software systems and tools can no longer be delivered entirely by entities outside of the FilePro network.

We have watched the legal tech landscape and learnt lessons about what is valued versus the pitfalls.  We have also surveyed and spoken with many of our clients.

What we learnt about what is important to clients includes:

  • Choice and flexibility – our clients want to adopt new technology that suits their requirements and in their timeframe;
  • Retention and ownership of their data;
  • No ‘lock in’ contracts;
  • 80% wanted to see FilePro offer more cloud-based options including apps to access FP’s functionality; and
  • 80% confirmed a preference to have a single, trusted provider for their practice management software and cloud-based solutions

As software developers, one of our fundamental objectives is to ensure that the FilePro application performs as optimally as possible and integrates with other products seamlessly, no matter where our clients’ various applications and servers ‘live’.  Our performance criteria is achieved through multiple channels, including development of the application itself, working closely with firms and their IT providers and collaborating with integrated software vendors; all with our clients’ interests at heart.

In 2021, as a result of our research, FilePro has expanded on this objective by creating a new FileProCloud division and investing in people, development and infrastructure that will support our clients into the future, as they embrace more cloud-based solutions.  You will see further announcements from FilePro in 2022 as we continue to provide clients with choice and flexibility, no matter what this transition looks like for your law firm.

We frequently meet with firms that have roughly 1-10 users where cloud solutions mean being mobile and agile; the phone and laptop are the sword and shield and need to be working optimally no matter where the lawyer is located – office, home or coffee shop.

Firms around the 25-50 user mark might have several office locations and for them, the focus can be consistent use of their software and technology, to continue building the firm’s brand as they grow and evolve.

Firms with 75-150 users might be asking – do we commit to one more round of capital investment in hardware, or do we shift to operational expenses, depend on experts for disaster recovery and always have scalable, state-of-the-art infrastructure at our disposal (without the office footprint and air-conditioners)?

No matter how your firm decides to navigate the rapidly evolving world of legal technology, FilePro is committed to providing the appropriate advice, when you need it.  If you are looking to adopt more cloud-based technology in the coming months and years, we invite a discussion with our experts to see how we can help.  We will be glad to share the plans we have carefully put in place for FilePro’s future.

Similarly, if you are concerned about being forced away from your existing way of operating, ownership of your data, control over your servers, then rest assured – we will not be forcing clients to adopt anything they are not comfortable with.  As you see FilePro announcing new options in the new year, remember that we understand that no one size fits all.  We understand that each firm’s cloud journey and requirements will vary.

Our commitment to you continues to be a smooth, tailored transition that enhances productivity and client service standards, while remaining Australia owned and operated and completely focused on Legal Practice Management Software, as trusted by over 450 firms for nearly 30 years.

So, if you are considering a move to the cloud for any reason, talk with us.  If you hear from one of our FileProCloud representatives or see an email with a new FileProCloud signature, please don’t fear that someone will be forcing change upon your firm.

As we progress towards our formal launch, we will continue to keep you updated on our latest offerings.

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