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The driving force behind our software

We aim to provide the highest levels of service to ensure your firm runs smoothly and profitably.

FilePro Technology Director

Lasse Stenersen

In 2003, Lasse Stenersen completed his Bachelor of Computer Science and joined FilePro as a programmer. Since 2005 he has led research and development for FilePro.

Lasse now focuses on building the systems development team and working closely with integration partners. By working directly with clients both pre and post-implementation, Lasse has a sound and first-hand understanding of the issues faced by law firms and uses that knowledge to evolve FilePro.

FilePro Customer Director

Lee-Anne Barry

Lee-Anne joined FilePro as a contractor in 2012. Since then Lee-Anne has ensured the supportive and positive team culture she first experienced focussed on the care of its staff and clients continues. After holding a diversity of roles, Lee-Anne was offered a directorship in 2020 in recognition of her contributions.

As a Director of FilePro, Lee-Anne’s goals are to reinforce FilePro’s culture, specifically, its integrity (we live what we say) ensuring clients are getting the most out of the system and clients have a positive experience when they need us. No one will ever just be a number to us.

Ultimately, coming to work every day is never a chore. 

FilePro Transition Director

Zahn Nel

Zahn Nel has gained extensive experience in working with law firms, both locally and internationally, for the past 14 years. During his 10 years in London, Zahn worked with firms in centralised bidding for large organisations such as JLL, Pfizer, DHL and Clifford Chance. Following that, he joined an Australian based ICT firm that provided various cloud-based solutions and support for the legal sector, nationally. He is a regular presenter at legal conferences and CPD seminars on an array of technology topics from innovative cloud solutions to more complex discussions such as security. 

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