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One system, many solutions.

FilePro integrates with a range of legal software to give you maximum productivity and benefit.

Online Searches

Order, save and distribute a myriad of Property, Company and Personal searches. Integration into FilePro means automatic cost recoveries captured in realtime made available for billing.

Time and Activity Cost Capture

FilePro cleverly integrates with a range of providers offering transaction capture software. Pre-fill smart allocation to the correct matter of every copy, print, scan, email and phone call.


Digital Signatures

Saves time and money by executing documents without the hassle of printing, scanning and manually posting back to your matter.

Automated Payments

Manage your accounts with ease. Integrating FilePro with banks and other finance providers creates back-office efficiencies by automating account and payment receipt and reconciliation, reducing admin time.

Onboarding New Leads and More!

Reduces the costs of working with your new clients whilst enhancing the client experience. Give clients a branded portal, mobile access, secure messaging, a conveyancing app and more.

Electronic briefing

An intuitive solution to improve the time and effort to collate your briefs and make them easier to access, share and amend.

Our earliest client has been with us for over 20 years, growing from a two-partner practice to a 70 user firm. 

FilePro Clients lean on us to grow profitably. Can you say the same about your current software provider?

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