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Read how FilePro clients lean on us to grow profitably

Our earliest client has been with us for over 20 years, using FilePro to grow from a two-partner practice to a 70-user firm – so let’s grow together.

Bandeli (Lee) Hagipantelis, Principal – Brydens Lawyers 

“The FilePro team worked passionately to convert data, train our staff and make sure that there was minimal disruption to the firm, with zero ‘software free’ days.”

Brydens Lawyers is a growing firm with a passion to strive for outcomes that best serve our clients’ interests. As such, we recognise the need to have a robust yet flexible technology platform that supports our teams. 

The decision to change platforms in 2017 came with much trepidation, however, from the outset, FilePro has continued to deliver on their promises.

The transition from our previous software was an intricate one. The FilePro team worked passionately to convert data, train our staff and make sure that there was minimal disruption to the firm, with zero ‘software free’ days. FilePro staff were on-hand during the go-live period to ensure everything went smoothly and the entire transition process, from order to go-live, was completed within a relatively short timeframe. 

We consistently receive a high level of personal service and support that allows our teams to adapt and service our clients in a timely manner. The quality of FilePro’s service and support was and is a significant differentiator. We continue to value this service which could be easy to take for granted as the norm in the industry. 

Finally, FilePro was able to integrate CRM and complex reporting functionality that we could not do without and has been integral to allow us more streamlined and compliant client management protocols and accounting practices. 

We would have no hesitation in recommending FilePro to other businesses.”

Firm: Brydens Lawyers Pty Limited

Working together since: 2017

Location: Head Office in Liverpool with multiple offices throughout Sydney, NSW

Specialities: Accredited Personal Injury Specialists and Accredited Family Law Specialists

Firm size: 100 staff

Firm: Heinz Law

Working together since: 2013

Location: Ballarat, VIC

Specialities: Full service

Firm size: 50

Jill Simpson, Heinz Law

“We value the fact that in slow periods, we only pay when we open a new matter and can easily disburse the fee back to the file.”

Our workplace culture is an integral part of our firm. We enjoy seeing our employees grow both personally and professionally and believe that when they are happy and engaged, so is the firm.

As such, FilePro’s Training Unlimited is now an integral part of our onboarding process for new starters and a flexible means to keep the team up to date with FilePro’s latest features. The training offered means our team work confidently and consistently with FilePro to streamline their efforts and deliver matters to the highest standard.

FilePro’s ongoing support is always very responsive. Their approach aligns with our own service philosophy to deliver professionally yet in a friendly, approachable manner.

We regularly review our software suppliers and in our recent review, it was clearly evident that FilePro’s unique pricing model is a standout feature. In particular, we value the fact that in slow periods, we only pay when we open a new matter and can easily disburse the fee back to the file.

DBH Lawyers

“DBH Lawyers now have a true business partner as well as a software platform that we are confident will adapt to our growth plans into the future.”

From our in-depth search for a replacement Case Management software solution, FilePro offered exactly what we wanted from a functionality, training and support perspective – with the added bonus of no upfront cost of implementation. What became evident during our due diligence process was the alignment of cultures, visions and business evolution between the two organisations.

What surprised and delighted our team was the implementation process and the dedicated, personalised service offered during the implementation phase and after ‘go-live/day 1’, including:

  • follow through on promises;
  • flexibility and the time taken to understand our process and requirements;
  • going above and beyond on data conversion and additional reporting, dashboards etc.;
  • lack of disruption – zero downtime and after go-live, none of the anticipated major headaches;
  • approachability of the management team/Directors; and
  • lack of a cost burden which didn’t diminish the quality of the deliverables.

As a firm, DBH Lawyers now have a true business partner as well as a software platform that we are confident will adapt to our growth plans into the future.

Firm: DBH Lawyers

Working together since: 2021

Location: Adelaide, SA

Specialities: Full service

Firm size: 80

Firm: Frichot & Frichot Lawyers

Working together since: 2004

Location: Western Australia

SpecialitiesFull service

Firm size: 25

Natale Ricciardi, Frichot & Frichot Lawyers 

“The credit policy has resulted in a significant improvement in our debtors with an average 50% – 60% of our debtors now being less than 42 days old.”


“I asked FilePro to carry out a “health check” of our database during which a number of new features that had been developed over the years were activated. We also tidied up various parts of our database and updated the Chart of Accounts and financial reports so that they would be easier to understand and more consistent with the Financials produced by our Accountants.”

“I was very impressed with and came to rely on the “live” reporting available in FilePro to track my Work In Progress and debtors. At my request FilePro customised the layout of such reports to make it easier for me to analyse my performance and also to communicate with the accounts administrator in respect to debtor management.”

“Overall I am extremely happy with the FilePro system, the support we receive, the costs of implementation and ongoing updates, as well as the availability and flexibility of the staff at FilePro who constantly communicate with us in order to adapt and improve the package to better suit our business’ needs.”

Carolyn White, Office Manager, DCH Legal Group

“The Unlimited Training Initiative ensures that we are accessing the full potential of the program, with the added bonus of CPD points for fee earners.”


Our firm has been active in the new FilePro Unlimited Training Initiative and we can see, even in a short period of time, some significant productivity and efficiency gains, particularly around email and document handling.

FilePro is continuously developing their product, and it is important to keep on top of the benefits and features that their software offers. The Unlimited Training Initiative ensures that we are accessing the full potential of the program, with the added bonus of CPD points for fee earners.

Firm: DCH Legal Group

Working together since: 1995

Location: Perth

Specialities: Family Law

Firm size: 10

Mark Borello

“The FilePro team seem to share our client-centric philosophy which makes working together a whole lot easier – the cornerstone for success is to surround yourself with good people”


“Our firm has grown from a single user operation to a 30+ user firm and one of Perth’s premiere independent legal service providers within a short period of time.

“I have no doubt that one of the key ingredients for our success has been utilising an efficient, intuitive and robust office management software.”

“Whether it be transitioning FilePro during a relocation, reconfiguring our data to reflect a company restructure or simply training our staff periodically; the FilePro team have always been eager to meet face to face.”

“Once again, thank you for working with us over the last seven years. We look forward to sharing our journey over the next 10 and beyond.”

Terry Newman, Newman Family Law 

“FilePro has been an outstanding system – I could not be happier with my purchase.”


“FilePro allows for effective and clear financial management of the firm. The information is at your fingertips, which in today’s economic climate is absolutely essential in the profitability of a legal practice.”

“Files are easily accessible by all staff members with the ability to view costs, accounts, word documents, discovered documents and contacts for the file from any computer in or outside the office without the need of the physical file”

“The ability of staff to understand and locate information on FilePro is efficient and practical. It does not require codes or in-depth knowledge of accounts”

Firm: Newman Family Law

Working together since: 2009

Location: Cairns

SpecialitiesFamily Law

Firm size: 5 Users

Firm: Stephen Browne Lawyers

Working together since: July 2011

Location: Perth, Western Australia

SpecialitiesPersonal Injury

Firm size: 20 users

Andrew Browne, Stephen Browne Lawyers 

“We had used various software programs concurrently. FilePro enabled us to consolidate everything.”


“It has now been 3 years since we made the transition to FilePro and we now consider the program to be a real asset for the business.”

“You have been very receptive to several of our suggestions and have gone well beyond the call of duty to assist us in utilising the program to its full extent.”

“We were very impressed with your enthusiasm and expertise with this project which allowed us to continue to operate as per normal without a hiccup.”

Paul Harley 

“Your ‘can do’ approach to integrating data from several sources into FilePro has resulted in a noticeable improvement in our efficiency.”


With a relatively small amount of forward planning you and your team handled the transition process ensuring that we were up and running with FilePro immediately.

Overall the system stood out against its competitors and the pricing model fits with a niche firm such as ourselves.

Since implementation we’ve been impressed with your follow up support and dedication to continuous improvement of FilePro.

I would be happy to recommend FilePro to my colleagues in the industry and cannot stress enough what a difference a seamless transition makes.

Firm: Culshaw Miller Lawyers

Working together since: 2003

Location: Perth and Adelaide

SpecialitiesFull service

Firm size: 50

Jeremy Culshaw, Culshaw Miller Lawyers

“FilePro enabled our firm to consolidate and streamline all of our file management systems without any interruption to our practice.”


“We have an integrated relationship with FilePro together with other partners such as Macquarie Bank, Softlog, Info Track and also our IT providers. This provides trust between all parties and we know that your team are always willing to deal directly with any of them should the need arise but also provide feedback to us at the same time. Your professionalism and dedication to our business and to FilePro is admirable.”

“Whether it be by phone, email or site visits, your team are always ready, willing and able to sort out any issues that may come up.”

David Quartermaine-Thompson, Balmoral Legal 

“FilePro has helped us grow from one solicitor with one administrative support person in 2011 through to the firm now having five solicitor’s and four administrative support people in 2014”


“Having had the benefit of the FilePro practice management system in my capacity as an equity partner of Marks and Sands previously, I had no hesitation in requesting that FilePro provide their service to Balmoral Legal.”

“We are fortunate to have the support of FilePro and their local resource centre in the operation of Balmoral Legal. FilePro have offered a service which accommodates our needs and is also commercially practical in respect of the costs of the product.”

“Personally and as a director of Balmoral Legal, I would have no hesitation in recommending FilePro based on the experience that we have had with their product and their service.”

Firm: Balmoral Legal

Working together since: 2011

Location: Perth

SpecialitiesFamily Law

Firm size: 7

Firm: Thomas Rymill & Co

Working together since: 2019

Location: Mount Gambier, SA

Specialities: Full service

Firm size: 3

Thomas Rhymill, Thomas Rhymil & Co 

“I was expecting that the induction of FilePro might have been somewhat perfunctory – instead, I have been very pleasantly surprised.”


The after-sales service is very good. Your system is designed to help our system work, which is a great deal better than our system having to fit in with yours. I am obliged for the courtesy and patience demonstrated by all your staff, and the fact they can produce solutions to our problems and questions.

You understood the time pressures and difficulties I was under and the team went out of their way to accommodate and communicate with me.

The team are also very knowledgeable, but they pitched their instructions at our level, and took the time to explain various functions.

Paul D’Angelo, D’Angelo Legal

“One of the great things about FilePro is that it is constantly being updated with your team working on ways to improve the FilePro system and functionality.”


“As you know we have been using FilePro since May 2007. Since this time FilePro has evolved to meet the needs of efficient, technology-driven legal practices. I was impressed back then and even more today.”

“Your local support staff are always available to assist with training needs of our new staff or refresher courses for the more experienced staff.”

“I am constantly being invited to try competitive products to assist in our file management and accounting system. When I compare FilePro’s relatively competitive  pricing structure and the functionality that FilePro offers me, my staff and clients, I believe FilePro is significantly ahead.”

Firm: D’Angelo Legal

Working together since: 2007

Location: Perth, Western Australia

SpecialitiesCommercial, Notary Public, Personal Injury and Settlement

Firm size: 15 users

Firm: Timpano Legal

Working together since: 2015

Location: WA

Specialities: Full service

Firm size: 9

Laura Willox, Timpano Legal

“Using FilePro allows us to run our firm with high efficiency and provides us with the opportunity for growth as a company.”


On behalf of the team at Timpano Legal, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and assistance over the years.

Upon our initial engagement with FilePro, we were highly impressed with the attention to detail and broad understanding that the team encompass. The software allows us to run our firm with high efficiency and provides us with the opportunity for growth as a company.

If we ever require assistance, we are met with not only a fast response time but also enthusiasm and a willingness to assist us with our query.

We are extremely grateful for all of your hard work FilePro.

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