Key people With over 100 years of combined experience servicing law firms, we’re more than just a bunch of pretty faces.


Todd Keeler, Director | CEO

Todd has worked with law firms and legal practice management software since 1999. His dedication to client satisfaction continues to be central to FilePro’s team culture and strategy. This philosophy underlies FilePro’s ongoing success.

As a Director since 2017 and now as CEO, Todd’s overarching goal is to continue to invest in people, systems and integration partners to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Todd would encourage all firms to lean on their providers to share their experience and technology – as an ongoing practice, not just at set up. Firms should not be left to figure out how to leverage their technology.


Lasse Stenersen, Director | CTO

In 2003, Lasse Stenersen completed his Bachelor of Computer Science and joined FilePro as a programmer. Since 2005 he has led research and development for FilePro.

Lasse now focuses on building the systems development team and working closely with integration partners. By working directly with clients both pre and post implementation, Lasse has a sound and first hand understanding of the issues faced by law firms and uses that knowledge to evolve FilePro.



David Keeler, Director | CFO

David has been involved with the legal profession for over 25 years. Originally an accountant and consultant, he became disenchanted with the quality of legal software and developed a solution to satisfy the requirements of his clients – now FilePro.

After working with over 1000 firms, David has acquired a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to improve the productivity of a law firm, and ultimately, their profit.