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Onboarding Family Law and Wills & Estates clients

Settify intelligently interacts with your new Family Law and Wills clients, from your website or by invitation. It provides customised, helpful information relevant to their legal matter, and collects a full brief of their initial instructions.

Features include:

  • Replace outdated ‘fact find’ documents with an impressive, interactive, online experience
  • Skip the admin and spend time providing advice, discussing options, and determining the way forward
  • Boost the effectiveness of your website, with an engaging funnel that draws new clients in

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Searches, Certificates and Electronic Document Signing

InfoTrack enables our clients to find, analyse, organise and communicate information efficiently and effectively. InfoTrack prides itself on building the latest generation of software integration offering you the ability to make a coordinated, business-wide response to data integration across different information systems.

InfoTrack understands your business workflow and focus on providing an automated solution to take you from manual to electronic. InfoTrack strive to, not only provide smart integrated technology for legal professionals, but to support upcoming innovators and ongoing changes in the industry.

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Searches and Certificates

Dye & Durham provides Australian legal, property and financial professionals with regulatory information, workflow technology, property settlement services and legal support solutions. They are a trusted technology and services partner for businesses involved in all stages of property and asset lifecycles. With a rich history of innovation and industry firsts, their customer-centric technology and support services are trusted by Australia’s leading professionals.

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Automated Payments

Manage your accounts with ease. Macquarie Bank’s integration with FilePro creates back office efficiencies by automating account and payment receipt and reconciliation, reducing admin time.

Features include:

  • DEFT payment options can be printed on your statements/ invoices
  • Multiple payment options are available through DEFT for your clients to choose from
  • Credit card merchant fees can be surcharged to payers
  • Automatically deposits DEFT payments into your account and allocates payments into FilePro

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Macquarie Bank integration

FilePro Mobile & Connect

Add mobility and functionality to FilePro with RedView’s suite of mobile apps. Both staff and client can use RedView to securely access important information and tools via their smart phone or web.

Features include:

  • Mobile access to matters, document and files
  • Mobile timekeeping, with immediate integration to FilePro
  • Mobile CRM tool using automatically collated client data
  • Clients can access their matters, documents and messages
  • Conveyancing clients can receive notifications and monitor progress

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RedView integration

Cost Management

FilePro cleverly integrates with Softlog electronic transaction capture software. Pre-fill smart allocation to the correct matter of every copy, print, scan, email and phone call.

Features include:

  • Softlog turns the costs associated with service delivery into profits
  • Softlog allocates costs on a fair and equitable user pays basis
  • Softlog assists in the cost management of fixed fee billing
  • Softlog is a cash flow positive, pay by the month implementation
  • Simple, quick, and easy to use, Softlog is the silent fee earner

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Softlog integration

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