Would you pay for something you’re not using? (We sure wouldn’t)

Do your practice management system costs adapt to your business volumes? They will with FilePro. That’s because you’re only charged for new matters or files with our flexible pricing structure.


This means you have the option to disburse these per-matter expenses onto your client, meaning your firm will have no ongoing software costs. Most of our clients use these reduced costs to re-invest into customer service – increasing client loyalty. Or, of course, simply enjoy increased profits.

And because we’re invested in your firm’s success, you’ll enjoy industry-leading levels of support, training and customisation. Perhaps that’s why 96% of FilePro customers would recommend FilePro to other firms.

You want a positive return on all of your investments. We’ve developed a model to demonstrate the financial impact FilePro will have on your firm – just ask.

FilePro has no lock-in contracts and no per-user fees – plus every upgrade is free.

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