Would you pay for something you’re not using? (We sure wouldn’t)

Do your practice management system costs adapt to your business volumes? They will with FilePro. That’s because you’re only charged for new matters or files with our flexible pricing structure.

Our Per-matter pricing includes:

  • Comprehensive use of the product
  • All updates and new features
  • Unlimited helpdesk support
  • Unlimited training – both in-person at training events and with our online training hub, available from any device, and
  • Fully maintained court forms

This means you have the option to disburse these per-matter expenses onto your client, meaning your firm will have no ongoing software costs. Most of our clients use these reduced costs to re-invest into customer service – increasing client loyalty. Or, of course, simply enjoy increased profits.

You want a positive return on all of your investments. We’ve developed a model to demonstrate the financial impact FilePro will have on your firm – just ask.

We also want to remove a barrier to change: set up costs. So, if you are considering FilePro for your firm, you can now roll the establishment costs (including data conversion) into your per-matter fee.

This extends the choice FilePro offers firms seeking improved practice management software and service. Clients choose to stay. FilePro does not rely on clients staying because of a financial commitment, contractual obligation or locked up data.

So, if you want to upgrade to a platform that fully supports your growth strategy, staff and client experience, without upfront (and potentially ongoing) costs, get in touch on 1300 65 33 80.

“Cost was a major benefit but not considered until the product had met all other criteria. We were not charged an upfront licence fee and the ongoing cost is borne by the client.

We would recommend to any business principals or managers considering FilePro software to do so as we did and have a very good idea of how you want your business to function and manage.”

– Ray Davis, Galbally Rolfe Barristers and Solicitors

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