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Do we have to pay for extra support or updates?

All our support and updates are included in the file price, indeed it is in our interest to have all our customers on the latest release of FilePro, as this reduces our time spent in support – a truly win-win situation. We pride ourselves on our support. We have over 300 clients who will attest to the high level of local and technical support they receive.

If FilePro is so effective why is it so inexpensive compared to other software?

The directors believe that FilePro should be affordable for small and large practices alike and we want everyone in the practice to use it. The only way to achieve this was to opt for a consumable pricing model and not per seat licences. Our implementation costs are based on the real cost of the customisation, installation, training, data migration and on site implementation of FilePro for your practice.

Are you cloud based?

The term ‘cloud’ is a very broad term. Cloud-based solutions basically fall into 2 categories: Browser based solution; this is a true cloud solution such as Xero where all processing is directly through your browser into a database shared with hundreds of thousands of other users. Hosted server solution; this is where your application and data are maintained on a server dedicated to you but residing on a hosting provider’s larger computer. FilePro can be installed on a hosted server by an external IT company. We work with a number of IT hosted server providers in most states that we can refer you to. A hosted server solution gives you 24/7 access to your data, files and other information while outsourcing the cost and effort of maintaining your own servers, backups and system upgrades. However, whichever cloud solution you opt for, ensure you use a reputable provider or proven and independent server hosting solution. Be confident that your data is yours for extract at any point.

Is FilePro certified for trust accounting under the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules (2015)?

A: yes, FilePro has received certification under the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules (2015) that FilePro version is compliant with the new rules.

What about the disruption to our practice, we’ve experienced changes where no one gets any productive work done for months?

We have a proven track record for fast deployment, and can completely install, test and train a 50-user firm in just two weeks. Your staff are only away from their desk for a couple of hours during the first week’s initial training prior to implementation, then we supply on-hand support staff to assist during the implementation week. Better still, hear directly from our clients.

Once you have a client base is the company’s strategy to sell out like everyone else and leave us with a serious liability?

No one could convince you that this is not conceivable; however our passion is FilePro, and the entire team take a great deal of enjoyment and pride in producing it. Our long term strategy, sanctioned by the board, is for strong growth both within Australia and elsewhere. This translates to a detailed and realistic business plan which has seen (and will see) significant investment over a period of many years, in order to attain these goals. The board has strongly resisted any acquisition attempts in the best interests of its clients and shareholders

If I migrate to FilePro, can I keep my existing precedents? How would that work?

Yes, your existing precedents can be converted for use into the FilePro template format and registered as templates in the system. Data fields can then be added directly from the database such as Contact information (eg Purchasers / Vendors / Plaintiff / Defendants etc), data from the Conveyancing or Court tabs (eg purchase price, settlement date, court name, proceedings number etc) as well as data your firm has customised to record about a matter or a Contact. You also have at your disposal all of Word’s mail merge functionality (eg IF and ASK statements) so dependent upon the complexity of the precedent, any additional ‘smarts’ required can be added. Our implementation team work with each new client to discuss the firm’s specific data/document conversion requirements prior to implementation to ensure a smooth transition from day one.

Does FilePro provide integration into PEXA for e-conveyancing?

Yes, FilePro has a seamless connection into PEXA.  Through integration with InfoTrack, you can now create PEXA workspaces directly from the matter in FilePro with all your relevant matter data pre-populated.

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