Just twelve months ago, only 40 people attended our FilePro training courses throughout the year. As well as this, we had identified that a number of people weren’t fully aware of all the features and functionality FilePro could offer them.

In short – a number of firms weren’t getting the most out of their investment with FilePro. 

It was for this reason we introduced Unlimited Training for all our users. And now, nearly a year later, I’m glad to share some incredible results.

In the last 6 months we have seen over 600 attendees across all of our training events – from training courses as well as CBD and Regional Essentials training events.

Again in October our CBD essentials course was fully booked within 24 hours prompting an additional session for the afternoon which is now also fully booked.

It is so satisfying to see over 100 users, in one day, attend the course and see the functionality and potential that FilePro offers to their firm

We fully anticipate that by the time we reach our one year anniversary we will have trained close to 1,500 FilePro users. Compared to the previous 12 months, where we only had 40 users attend training courses, this is a huge result and justifies our faith in the unlimited training initiative.

I really want to thank everyone involved, both our clients and our training team, for the incredible attendance and results that are coming through from our unlimited training initiative.

Where to now?

An area that we would encourage more participation in is our Online Learning Hub. This library of helpful blog posts, guides and videos helps with best practice, improving efficiencies, reducing risk and more. It is easily managed by your FilePro liaison and offers in-house management of training for users, particularly new staff.

To this end we have created a video which explains how to get the most out of this in-house training aid.

We would recommend in particular keeping an eye on “recent versions and features” while we continue our facelift. You will see videos on the updated screens and the improved user experience functions which have largely come from client requests.

It will also help the firm through the FilePro update process if staff have access to these videos prior to the update happening.

The following links for Timesheets in version 19.2 and Disbursement Journals in version 19.4 provide examples of both the presentation and content.

We are heavily invested in continuing to develop our training content and our training team is currently working on three new courses which we fully anticipate will be introduced by our one-year anniversary of Training Unlimited.

  • Workflow Management
  • Advanced Documents
  • Advanced Bookkeeping

There will be many more videos added to the learning hub and we are currently trialling Webinar software solutions to deliver new version training in addition to the training notes and video content.

Kind regards
David Keeler
CEO FilePro Pty Ltd