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Category: Thought Leadership

How to leverage CPD to improve staff retention

Lawyers’ continuing professional development requirements – often dismissed as simple compliance – can actually be a great tool for building a sense of achievement, connection and purpose within your team. Here are some ways you can leverage CPD to strengthen your team.

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Predictions possible for 2022 and beyond?

Examining global and local trends to COVID-19 conditions could provide law firms with some worthwhile options to consider in order to navigate more smoothly through 2022. In fact, some even deliver some silver linings in innovation! Here are a few to think about.

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Rethinking training and development opportunities

Organisations that have made the most progress with staff upskilling programs achieve better business outcomes. These outcomes include a more robust culture, higher productivity, accelerated growth, improved talent acquisition and retention, more significant innovation with reduced skills gaps. Launched by FilePro in Feb 2019, Training Unlimited offers firms an expanded set of training resources, all without preclusive, user-based costs. Read more>>

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Succession – seen from the viewpoint of an incoming CEO

Business succession is challenging regardless of size or type of business. Success is a testament to the clarity of the succession plan, company vision, client service ethos and staff culture.

There are no shortcuts or proven steps.

With Todd’s first full financial year as FilePro’s CEO now complete, he wanted to share his learnings and give an update on where to next.

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