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Category: FilePro Updates

Predictions possible for 2022 and beyond?

Examining global and local trends to COVID-19 conditions could provide law firms with some worthwhile options to consider in order to navigate more smoothly through 2022. In fact, some even deliver some silver linings in innovation! Here are a few to think about.

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Your Cloud choices with FilePro

In 2021, as a result of our research, FilePro has invested in people, IT and infrastructure that will support our clients as they embrace more cloud-based solutions. In 2022, there will be further announcements that will continue to provide clients with choice and flexibility in their transition to cloud solutions. 

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Upgraded to FilePro V21.1 yet?

Five months since the launch of our milestone update from our major investment project to modernise the look of FilePro, over 200 clients have now upgraded to V21.1. Have you updated yours yet?

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Staying tech-savvy with CPD Points

FilePro’s training team is currently busy updating all training courses and workbooks with the new look file screen, due to be launched in March.

So, if you feel like your knowledge of FilePro is dated, or you’d like to take it to the next level consider our newer courses whilst also gaining a pre-launch look at the new screens.

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Highlights of Version 20.3

FilePro is excited to release Version 20.3, the next major stage of our ongoing facelift.

This upgrade covers General Ledger entry screens, as well as a number of maintenance screens.  As with other recently updated screens, we are continuing to enhance the look & feel as well as add a handful of new features, but maintain our familiar, user-friendly functionality.

View our video to discover more of FilePro’s user-friendly screens, as well as ways to tailor FilePro for your firm.

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