This year, flocks of Arctic Tern will travel over 50,000 kilometres around the world. Schools of salmon will travel hundreds of kilometres upstream. And millions of wildebeest will cross Africa in search of greener pastures.

But there is another great migration. This September, more than 300 Australasian legal partners and managers (including FilePro) are expected to converge on the sunny Gold Coast.

That’s right. It’s ALPMA Summit 2015.

Get ready for three action-packed days of professional development, networking and fun, from 9 – 11 September.

This year’s theme is ‘Tomorrow’s Firm: Digital, Divergent, Differentiated.’ Digital represents the fundamental shift in the way legal services are purchased and commoditised through digital technology. Divergent reflects the new ways of delivering legal services, led by ‘new law’ market disruptors. Differentiated covers how to make your firm stand out in a competitive market, offering unique value.

Jordan Furlong, Summit keynote speaker and Principal of Edge International, eloquently articulated the theme in his recent article.

“Thanks to reforms that began right here in Australia, the global legal market is currently experiencing the equivalent of a slow-motion earthquake.

Regulatory liberalization has spread to Great Britain and is gradually infiltrating North America. New competitors to lawyers and law firms are springing up, both inside and outside the regulated space, giving clients options and changing clients’ expectations about the nature, price, delivery and accessibility of legal service providers.

Technological advancements, especially in artificial intelligence, are progressing faster and farther than most people in the profession, even me, expected. In isolation, any of these developments would have a profound impact on lawyers.

Lawyers have enjoyed for many years both de facto and de jure monopolies on legal service provision: we had no competitors, because we allowed no competitors to develop. That’s now over.”

Summit features an inspiring program of both local and international speakers, sharing their expertise and delivering practical insights you can apply to your firm.

As a key ALPMA partner, we’re pleased to offer you a 15% ticket discount. To take up the offer, simply enter the code ‘PPO1515’ in the promotional code field when registering.

We hope to see you there!