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Creating brilliant first meetings. Every time.

The legal system is a wilderness for clients, littered with unknowns, processes and technicalities. Understanding what is important to those looking for a lawyer and what you need to do to convince them that you are the perfect fit is key to driving inquiries and, just as importantly, having them sign on the dotted line.

First impressions count when you are trying to attract and convert client enquiries. Settify is a client intake system that has re-imagined initial consultations for lawyers and clients. The platform provides practices with a functional marketing and engagement tool that encourages clients to stop “window shopping” and commence their matter online at any time. With the often tedious fact-finding process completed before the initial meeting, lawyers receive the client’s instructions in the form of an easy-to-read brief enabling them to devote that first meeting to building rapport, addressing concerns and discussing strategies and next steps: returning the focus to people, not paperwork.

What is Settify?

Settify is an AI-driven client intake solution made by lawyers for lawyers. Now over 500 firms globally are using Settify to increase client conversion, improve accuracy and efficiency, substantially reduce data entry time, and help the client feel empowered and confident when meeting their lawyer for the first time.

Why would you look into Settify?

  1. Converting a prospect – in our experience, the sooner you can engage a person in the search phase, the better. Once a person has invested time and energy into the online onboarding process (from which they receive valuable information relevant to their matter), the less inclined they will be to keep searching for another provider, providing the experience and information is helpful.
  2. Educating the client about the legal process – of the 10,900 Settify users we surveyed, the primary motivation for initial online searches was to “understand the legal process“, followed by wanting the process to be quick and easy and personal service.
  3. Technology that is personal – Despite the Settify platform being technologically driven, our research found that the user’s decision to engage a particular firm was due to their need for “personal service.” This illustrates that technology, when used appropriately, will create a user experience that feels personal and bespoke.
  4. Response time – Prompt follow-up is essential. Settify’s analysis of client survey data shows that high conversion rates were invariably in unison with prompt call response times. For example, upon Settify’s notification to law firms of a completed intake form, the likelihood of conversion increased by 95% if the firm called the potential client within 1 hour of using the Settify platform. In contrast, slow response times markedly decreased the likelihood of conversion.
  5. Capture clients outside office hours: Of the 10,900 Settify users polled, 44% used the platform outside office hours. Considering this statistic, how are you capturing potential clients outside office hours? Settify is available to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.
  6. Integrations – Settify is committed to the free flow of data between firms’ systems. Integrating seamlessly with practice management systems such as FilePro ensures that lawyers are not spending 20 minutes per matter typing in client details and encouraging workflow into the relevant precedents.

FilePro clients can access a recent webinar with Settify demonstrating the ease of use and benefits of the Settify integration with FilePro.  Simply access FilePro’s Online Learning Hub.

If you would like to learn more about how Settify can help your firm, contact Amanda Kerdel, Head of Family Law on 0412 956 222 or email [email protected].

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