Its obvious that for most of us over the age of 35 that we live in a vastly different world to the one we grew up in.

In my first job as a trainee accountant there was no such thing as a personal computer or a spreadsheet, no email, no internet. How did we ever find anything out or learn anything – I can’t remember?

A lot has changed, but in many ways marketing hasn’t – we are still using many of the old tactics and techniques, just via different channels.

The problem is, due to our information-rich culture, the buyer has fundamentally changed. With a world of knowledge at their fingertips, the buyer has much more power in the buying cycle – who needs a salesperson when we already know what we want.

The video above properly introduces this new character – DEB, the digitally empowered buyer.

What’s the key to marketing to DEB? – give her what she wants – education!

In today’s environment, education is almost the only effective marketing tool you have left.

About Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson is Director of Strategy at One Rabbit – a specialist marketing agency for professional service firms.