We have learned a lot over the last few months about how to adapt, respond and continue to work from home securely and fully functional.

However, as Winston Churchill said, ‘Never waste a good crisis’.

Together with CT Group Solutions, FilePro’s recent webinar was aimed at sharing learnings to allow law firms to feel more confident about the stability, security and compliance of their technology and infrastructure as well as remaining fully functional. It also highlighted;

  • the need to stay vigilant and regularly communicate with staff to keep abreast of critical safeguards against cyber breaches in order to continue to confidently work remotely.
  • the benefits of a hosted environment which include scalability, flexibility, full and secure ownership of your data. Microsoft Office licencing and email accounts are maintained centrally at the server level rather than at the local device level. All these features enhance the security and compliance of your matter, client and data management whilst you no longer incur the capital and running costs of in-house servers.

The key take-aways were:

  • Are your insurance policies (e.g. Cyber Security) still valid?
  • Are you locking devices and utilising multi-factor authentication in the work-from-home environment?
  • Where does my data live and what is our contingency plan should we need to recover or access our data, for example, if the vendor is no longer available?
  • Has your firm ever rehearsed or mapped out a disaster recovery scenario?
  • Will my Trust account data remain intact and in a format that still complies with relevant Trust Regulations, if I need to move it?
  • Is my working-from-home environment secure and what could cause a data breach?
  • Are internet speeds adequate from all of the locations your staff intend on work from?
  • Are you continuing to meet occupational health & safety requirements?
  • There is no silver bullet to security and risk, but ongoing human interaction is a crucial part of protecting your clients and business.

For those that missed the webinar and would like to view it:

  • FilePro clients can view the webinar from our Online Learning Hub, at any time or from any device; or
  • If you are not yet a FilePro client, access the webinar by clicking here.