As mentioned in February, one of the most important initiatives we’re running this year is our client feedback program.

We’re committed to giving you the best experience possible, in turn allowing you to better service your clients. This means, regardless of your role or size of firm, we’re interested in hearing from you.

This process has already begun – our State Managers are now contacting individual clients before sending the survey

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken part for their high level of contribution and feedback. Please feel free to pass this article onto anyone else who has participated.

Breadth of our communication

Over the last few months, we’ve recognised that we don’t communicate with nearly enough of our 4,000 users.

Upgrades, best practice and new feature articles are very often sent to just one contact point in every law firm. To solve this, we’ve created a landing page that allows other in your law firm to sign up to our eNewsletter and explore our previous best practice articles.

People will be directed to this page at the end of the survey, and you are welcome to send them a link to sign up.

We will continue to encourage your staff to access information on new features, functionality and best practice. Ultimately, allowing your team to gain more benefits from your investment in FilePro.

Range of responses

The range of responses received so far is very satisfying both in terms of position in the practice, level of satisfaction and commentary. The range of feedback gives us a much clearer picture of where to focus our development and support resources.

For example, it is clear that some staff are not aware of a number of features and the corresponding use of FilePro’s features. To address this, we are currently investing in a range of more flexible training guides.

Actioning feedback

We have already incorporated some feedback on system changes and adjusted priorities to match. The final style and functionality of the look up screens has been settled and we are now deploying them throughout the software in preparation for our July release.

As you can see we are adopting a Windows, “ribbon style” interface. I won’t go into the improved functionality of the screen, suffice to say we are very conscious of upgrading the user experience as well as the look and feel.

Best results possible

The broader and more varied responses we receive, the better we will understand not only your priorities, as a firm, but also our user and client base nationally.

As we continue to roll out our Client Feedback program, we encourage the involvement of as many staff in your practice as possible and encourage, those willing, to subscribe to our eNewsletter.

David Keeler