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How can your firm proactively identify Probate matters?

InfoTrack’s Will Register is the first of its kind, offering a complimentary directory that you can use as a business development tool to identify wills you hold and change of life status of your clients. So how can this one-of-a-kind solution help you to complete more probate matters with less time and effort?

Grow your firm and reduce your workload

Michael dalMaso, Head of eLitigation and Wills at InfoTrack explains, “We’re all looking for new ways we can reduce time spent on identifying opportunities, whilst retaining the quality of our work, and this is no different in the wills and estate space. InfoTrack has created a National Will Register and Death Notice matching service for the purpose of streamlining the searching and probate process whilst assisting firms to manage their records and identify probate matters.

How does it work?

The Will Register is a library of wills meta data (no actual wills are stored or accessed) that is cross-referenced daily with death notices from across Australia and New Zealand. With a database of over 1.5 million wills, you only need to go to one source to search and be automatically notified. The register simplifies the traditionally manual process of trawling through multiple websites to find the details of a death notice and discovering if you hold the latest will.

Traditionally you would need to take a heavily manual approach, trawling through multiple websites or pdfs to find the details of a death notice. The Will Register simplifies this process – automatically alerting you when a death notice matches a will you currently hold. This means you only need to go to the one source to search, and you’re able to easily manage and track the process, supporting you to find new opportunities or help in completing the Probate process”, says Michael.

Benefits of using InfoTrack’s Will Register

“Searching through death notices can be extremely time consuming. The Wills and Death Notice Register combines this data into one area and automatically notifies your firm of any wills that match your own. The information you access is accurate and current, with alerts sent as often as you would like so you can discover more Probate opportunities”, states Michael.

InfoTrack’s integration of Wills, Death Notices and soon Probate filings allows both efficiency, accuracy, and agility to how your Wills and Estate practice can operate.

How does the Will Register help my firm?

Having all the key information you need, consolidated into the one area, saves you, your team and your firm precious time and resource. The complimentary service will improve the efficiency of your estate management team by fast-tracking the process of finding the details of your client’s latest will.

Find out more about Will Register by visiting InfoTrack’s website, where you can book a demonstration with the team.

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