In the last NRC article we alluded to a major change coming to FilePro.

Over the last two years we’ve more than doubled our investment in development and today we’re pleased to announce a major, new addition to FilePro – the FilePro Dashboard.

We want to share how the dashboard will look and how it will help your day to day processes and business as a whole.

The Dashboard

Essentially, the first version of the Dashboard will include several ‘tiles’ which provide visual information on the health of your business. These graphs will also link to relevant FilePro screens, e.g. double clicking on a file with an unusually high debtor balance will open that file. You’ll also be able to add shortcuts to frequently used screens.

Below is an example of the Dashboard for a Fee Earner, which can open automatically when FilePro is launched.


Users will be able to have multiple Dashboard layouts and the firm will be able to delegate Dashboards based on the individual’s role and level of access. For example, here is a potential dashboard a partner may use.

The Dashboard is an incredibly powerful financial tool, if properly utilised it can help you:

  • Save thousands on interest costs by delivering daily debtor reporting
  •  Stay up to date on how your firm is performing financially. Your updated dashboard will appear when you open FilePro.
  •  Define which financial indicators are most important to monitor at both a firm and staff level
  •  Motivate fee earners to understand their contribution to the firm’s billings, fees and debtors (what gets measured, gets done)
  •  Access real-time information directly about the performance of your firm

The Dashboard will be made available with FilePro’s next free upgrade. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the ongoing development of FilePro (or the Dashboard update specifically) don’t hesitate to contact the NRC.

The FilePro Facelift

The Dashboard is the second screen (after Global Search) to be developed using a new, modern and legible look.

The development team will gradually be reskinning all existing screens. For most generic screens, the aim will be to reproduce the existing functionality with the new look. For many other screens we will be adding new features and enhancements based on your feedback.

Overall, our primary objective will be to maintain the user-friendliness that has made FilePro so easy to learn and use to-date.

Document Management

Once the FilePro Dashboard and ‘Facelift’ has been completed, you’ll see changes to the document management processes in FilePro. This will include streamlining document check in/out, template assembly and creating more advanced interaction with Microsoft Office.