Normal work hours are a thing of the past. Lawyers have never been more accessible to their clients, and their clients have never been more demanding for access.

As professionals attempt to wager the balance between work and life, any spare moment may be used as an opportunity to complete tasks. You begin reviewing emails on the bus or train, read documents while waiting for a meeting, screen phone calls whilst driving, and answer emails after the kids have been put to bed.

If you’re a practicing Lawyer, you know the story well. Your client calls when you’re at home or out on the weekend. After the phone call, you need to review documents. Then there’s the follow up email or subsequent phone call- and before you know it you’ve racked up another 5 hours of work.

But where are these hours recorded? And who are they get billed to?

The traditional way of recording this time is scribbling on a piece of paper for tomorrow, or just remembering to do so when you get back to the office. As a result, billable time is lost and firms are losing fees as a result.

The key to capturing hours is to record it then and there. Lawyers are disciplined at taking contemporaneous file notes, and applying the same principles to time recording means more billable hours, and consequently- more fees.

Fortunately, the smart phone you blame could also hold the key to the solution. A simple to use app could ensure those small blocks of time are being captured, not lost.

FilePro’s integration partner, Red Rain, has released their RedView Time mobile platform for recording billable hours. What’s even more exciting, the time captured via the RedView Time app is completely integrated with FilePro’s desktop timesheet.

Simple and intuitive, the platform is now in use with over 300 lawyers in FilePro user firms. This means less work for the lawyers and increased accuracy with fees.

Client’s have been blown away with how easy to use the app is:
“It’s the easiest time recording I have ever done”
“What’s the catch, it’s so simple”
“My financial performance has improved significantly”

For more information on the software click here or contact Red Rain