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ALPMA 2016 – Creating a blueprint for change

It’s that time of year again – ALPMA Summit 2016 is here. This year the conference will focus on ‘creating a blueprint for change’ at your firm.

The program features expert advice and practical insight on the people, processes and technology critical to ensuring your firm succeeds in the changing legal landscape.

Matthew Burgess, Summit keynote speaker and Managing Director of View Legal, eloquently articulated the challenge for firms in his recent ALPMA blog post.

“History shows the vast majority of traditional firms are unable to allocate resources away from the primary revenue source, because of their focus on short-term profitability and the need to avoid any perception that there is a ‘cannibalising’ of the core business model.

The key to a sustainable and successful business model is being self aware enough to know that unless they cannibalise their existing lines of revenue, competitors certainly will. Further, those competitors will have complete disregard for the ongoing profitability of the incumbent firms.

Innovative firms understand that a product in market is always better than a delay to launch in order to ensure the quality is better. In other words, if you are not embarrassed by version one of the solution, you have launched too late – understand that everything can look like a failure during the ‘middle part’.”

Save 15% on the conference

Join more than 300 law firm leaders attending Summit from 7 – 9 September at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne to learn about innovative initiatives – from apps to AI, process re-engineering, digital marketing, profitability and performance improvement – and the leadership and change management skills required to successfully implement them at your firm.

As a key ALPMA partner, we’re pleased to offer you a 15% ticket discount. To take up the offer, simply enter the code ‘TPD2016’ in the promotional code field when registering.
We hope to see you there!

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