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The New Profit Allocation Rules Impacting Professional Firms

Recently the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) has released new guidelines which outline a self-assessment framework to determine the risk associated with profit allocation arrangements. Thanks to Pitcher Partners, here is more information about the New Profit Allocation Rules Impacting Professional Firms.

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Creating brilliant first meetings. Every time.

First impressions count when you are trying to attract and convert client enquiries. Understanding what is important to those looking for a lawyer and what you need to do to convince them that you are the perfect fit is key to driving inquiries and, just as importantly, having them sign on the dotted line. AI like Settify is a great tool to use to make those first impressions count. Here’s why.

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Three Legal Finance Options That Support Law Firm Growth

Legal invoice finance was traditionally thought of as a risk mitigant to turn to during challenging times or as a niche solution for clients struggling to pay and firms needing to improve cash flow. With industry average debtor days remaining at +60 days, legal finance can still certainly help improve cash flow, but the industry has come a long way. Jack O’Donnell is one of the co-founders of JustFund and shares three finance options that support Law Firm growth.

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How to leverage CPD to improve staff retention

Lawyers’ continuing professional development requirements – often dismissed as simple compliance – can actually be a great tool for building a sense of achievement, connection and purpose within your team. Here are some ways you can leverage CPD to strengthen your team.

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That’s Not The Person I Hired

Many of us have been there before. We hire a new team member and are happy with our choice until the confusion sets in months later where you’re left thinking “This is not the person that I thought I hired!”. Amy Jacobson, from Finding Your ‘Y’ uncovers how you can avoid this and ensure you hire the right person. Read more>>

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