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Document capture into FilePro – the latest automation integration now available

Processing paper documents and manually allocating them to the corresponding matter file is laborious, costly and time-consuming. FilePro’s latest integration of digital solutions from Dynamic Software Solutions (DSS) (DSS Connect Scan to FilePro) means that paper documents can be captured electronically and assigned to the correct matter file quickly and efficiently.

DSS Connect Scan to FilePro is a dedicated and proven scanning solution that is cloud-based and integrates seamlessly with most multi-function printers/photocopiers (MFPs) and FilePro.

The solution lets busy legal firms effortlessly scan paper documents, converting them into electronic files which can be placed directly into FilePro’s matters via an MFP. This eliminates the need for manual filing and makes the electronic documents immediately available for use, saving time, paper and money.

By simply pressing the scan button option on the MFP you can choose to either send the electronic document directly to the appropriate matter file or to your email.

Flexible scanning

With DSS Connect Scan to FilePro, you also have complete flexibility. You can choose to scan in black and white or colour, single-sided or double-sided and either single-page or multi-page documents. You can also choose to reduce or enlarge documents at the point of scanning and scan the document you want in the manner that you need it – PDF, Word, Excel, etc – for easy filing, sharing and collaborative work.

According to Jason Rivett, IT Systems Manager, DBH Lawyers, DSS Connect Scan to FilePro delivers real flexibility.

“We recently had a system implemented by Dynamic Software Solutions for scanning from our FujiFilm photocopiers into FilePro.

This system allows DBH Lawyers to scan to multiple file formats (including PDF, Word and Excel), which is a particularly handy feature.

Scanned PDFs are added to FilePro with OCR active and this is highly convenient for staff who then need to search the contents.

The solution also converts the contents of the scan to an editable Word document which is particularly useful for our accounts team when information needs to be edited.”

Scan from anywhere

For added convenience, DSS Connect Scan to FilePro allows a firm to scan documents from anywhere regardless of whether you have multiple legal offices in one state or across Australia.

Plus, staff working remotely from their home office or at a client’s location can scan directly from their portable MFP and save to the relevant matter file.

Cost-effective solution that helps save on expenses and recoup client disbursement fees

As DSS Connect Scan to FilePro is a cloud-based solution, legal firms do not need to invest in dedicated servers. Further, apart from saving on paper expenses, firms benefit from reduced archival and retrieval costs as non-essential paper documents no longer need to be archived.

In addition, with DSS Connect Scan to FilePro, you can quickly and easily capture scanning costs for client matters. This helps ensure that client scanning charges are allocated accurately and recouped with minimal fuss and with the ability for cost-recovery so that this solution can be cost-neutral.

Seamless integration

As a plug and forget solution, DSS Connect Scan integrates seamlessly with most existing MFPs and FilePro.

DSS Connect Scan to FilePro also updates automatically so that you are always using the latest version and without the need for office or computer systems downtime.

Secure cloud-based solution

A secure solution, DSS Connect Scan to FilePro is hosted on infrastructure in Australia with end-to-end security. Plus, with 24 x 7 uptime, DSS Connect to FilePro lets you create and save scans to matter files at your convenience.

“DSS Connect Scan to FilePro is impressive. It converts paper documents to scans quickly and easily to streamline processes, provide real capability and reduce costs. It’s also a very easy solution to manage both technically and administratively, making it highly attractive,” said Daniel Franklin, Director of Business Development, Boileau Business Solutions.

So, while document handling is inevitable in legal practices, the process of managing, sharing and archiving documents can be simplified by harnessing DSS Connect Scan to FilePro, which in turn helps you achieve greater efficiency while saving on costs.

Author bio

Derek Lawton is the senior account manager at Dynamic Software Solutions. With 22-years in the legal tech space, Derek has a considerable understanding of meeting the tech needs of legal firms regardless of size. He delivers workable solutions in desktop productivity, scan solutions and cost recovery.

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