Your Cloud choices with FilePro

November 16th, 2021|FilePro Updates, National Resource Centre|

In 2021, as a result of our research, FilePro has invested in people, IT and infrastructure that will support our clients as they embrace more cloud-based solutions. In 2022, there will be further announcements that will continue to provide clients with choice and flexibility in their transition to cloud solutions. 

What Should Businesses Be Doing Post-Pandemic?

October 9th, 2021|Guest Posts|

There is a lot of talk about what the new ‘normal’ will look like and what businesses should be doing in order to make it through. The conversations within Government and Senior Leaders of organisations are shifting from containment and avoidance of COVID-19 to balancing the economy and a potential recession. Amy Jacobson, EI and human behaviour specialist, looks at Actionable Tips For Your Post-Pandemic Law Firm.

Business development in tricky times

October 9th, 2021|Guest Posts|

With light at the end of the tunnel in terms of lockdowns for much of Australia from mid-October - what business development activities will your firm do to maximise the last few months of 2021? Amy Burton-Bradley from Julian Midwinter & Associates shares 13 tips for business development in your firm.

How to convert more Zoom meetings into Billable work

September 13th, 2021|Guest Posts|

With half of Australia still under lock and key, there has never been a more important time to be able to turn virtual prospect meetings into profitable new instructions. Alistair Marshall, Director at Professional Services BD shares how you can turn your Zoom meetings into more billable work.

How to break up with a client

September 13th, 2021|Guest Posts|

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you’re considering a break up with a client in the legal services context. Amy Burton-Bradley from Julian Midwinter & Associates shares how to know if it's time to break up and how to break up amicably.