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Rethinking training and development opportunities

The virtual working environment is now considered a long-term change to the traditional way we work. It therefore follows that formal training and coaching approaches have also changed.

The ability to coach and learn by sitting together, listening and watching your more experienced colleagues in action or simply asking a quick question over a coffee has now all but disappeared. As highlighted by 360 Learning, leaders today face the most significant opportunity in a generation to revisit traditional learning models and find better ways to support their teams. As we have previously highlighted, organisations that have made the most progress with staff upskilling programs achieve better business outcomes. These outcomes include a more robust culture, higher productivity, accelerated growth, improved talent acquisition and retention, more significant innovation with reduced skills gaps.

Launched by FilePro in Feb 2019, Training Unlimited offers firms an expanded set of training resources, all without preclusive, user-based costs. FilePro’s Training Unlimited initiative provides a more flexible way for your staff to discover all the latest features, whether to be more productive or to embed a firm wide consistent understanding of matter and client management.

One of the new training resources introduced at that time was FilePro’s Online Learning Hub, giving staff 24/7 access to best practice information across a range of topics relevant to running their practices. Now, more than ever, flexible, remote access to best practice knowledge is imperative to stay engaged and upskilled.

With over 160 firms now accessing our Online Learning Hub, the top five topics completed are:

  1. Recent features and Versions – maximises the value of your investment by tapping into FilePro’s newest features;
  2. Document management – stay current on ways to streamline matter management;
  3. Getting started – incorporate this topic into your induction program for new staff;
  4. Best Practice – speaks for itself; and
  5. Practice areas and workflows – utilise these specialist features to deliver high standards of service consistently.

If you haven’t previously considered our Online Learning Hub, view our short video to understand more about how it may benefit your teams: 

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We are continuing to invest in enhancing and updating our training resources, including establishing a new training position within our team. Therefore, your feedback is invaluable to guide us. Would you please let our Support Team know what’s working and what’s not?

To find out more or get set up, contact our Support team on 1800 049 790.

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