Last month we released an update to FilePro with a new Global Search screen. This is the first use of a new style, which over the coming months and years will be applied to many new and enhanced screens.

Conflict Checking

While last month we focussed purely on search, The Global Search screen is in fact a handy tool for mitigating risk. You can use the screen for incredibly efficient conflict checking.

Searching for a client will allow you to access each of their records and files to have a closer look – from the one screen. You no longer have to visit the Contact list or File list, perform a Document Content search and check the Safe Custody lookup etc.

Cost agreement and time warnings

You can attach your client’s cost agreement value to their file, setting warnings for when you approach and pass the value. These warnings will appear when you add new timesheets for the relevant files.

In the file screen you can either set a range, e.g. $7,000-$10,000 or a single figure in the maximum value.

To set up warnings, go to the system control screen and click the ‘Time Warning’ tab. You can then set up a warning when:

  •  A defined percentage of your cost agreement value has been reached
  • Your debtors are older than usual
  • Your matter is exposed, i.e. there isn’t enough trust available to cover unbilled costs and debtors

Limitation dates

You can also set limitation dates on the detail tab of your file screen. Enter a date here and produce a ‘Files by Limitation Date’ report periodically to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Workflow and tasks

You can add workflows to your matters which will create alerts when certain tasks need to be performed or when key dates have been reached or are approaching.

You can also design pre-determined workflows and associate these with your sub-categories of work so that every time you open a new file, the system reminds you of the next steps to complete.


This requires a significant time investment and staff training. However, once workflows are setup, they save massive amounts of time and achieve optimal quality assurance. The NRC are happy to provide guidance in this area.

An exciting announcement

One of our biggest developments to FilePro is just around the corner – we’ll be releasing new Dashboard functionality.

When you first open FilePro the home screen doesn’t inspire you to set the world on fire. The new Dashboard will be one step close to helping out.

You’ll be able to display key information and customise it based on each user’s access and role. This will help inspire your staff to reach their next milestone, keep on top of troublesome clients, make sure critical jobs are completed on time and much, much more.

Some of the features mentioned above, e.g. cost agreement levels and file limitation dates, are good example of what could be displayed.

The dashboard will be developed with the same modern look as the global search screen, with more of a focus on visual functionality. Stay tuned for more information and samples in the coming months.