We are very excited to announce the latest release of FilePro, Version 16.1 – an update that’s now available to all clients. This update includes a new Global Search screen, different ways to email your invoices and the introduction of ‘Teams’ within FilePro.

Global Search screen

The Global Search screen allows you to search for almost anything within the system and will greatly assist with conflict checks. ‘Global Search’ can be found under the Files menu. This screen consists of two parts: the Settings Panel and the Search Results.


In the Settings Panel, you can nominate which fields to include or exclude in the search. Entire categories can be included by ticking the tab itself. For example, if you tick ‘Files’ every available field in the Files category will be searched.

Once you begin a search, results will appear as soon as they’re available. You can open the results by double clicking on them or pressing the Enter key. You are able to use more than one search term by clicking the ‘+’ button in the Search screen.


Emailing of Debtor Invoices

We’ve updated the process of emailing Invoices and Reminders to clients from within FilePro

The Billing tab in the Files screen now allows you to easily email invoices and reminder notices to multiple contacts.


You can also access more options when attaching an invoice to an email – simply right click a Debtor Invoice for a File that has Billing Email Contacts attached. A new filter in the Debtor Invoice Manager screen allows you to select only invoices that should be emailed or printed.


When emailing an invoice or reminder, you are now able to use email templates. Templates allow you to automate this process and are pre-filled with your client’s information. They’re available under Workflow on the main menu.


User Teams

If your firm specialises in different areas of law, you can now see how different departments are performing by using the new ‘Teams’ option.
You can create Teams in the User menu and add users to teams by double clicking on the Team Description. Users can be part of any number of Teams and the information will be stored on their user card.


Once setup is complete, you have the ability to use Teams as a filter option in a number of reports:

  •  Fee Earner Monthly Breakdown
  •  Timesheet Listing
  •  Fee Earner Age Balance
  •  Fee Analysis
  •  Monthly Management Summary – Billed
  •  User Daily Budget
  •  Missing Timesheets
  •  Monthly Time Breakdown
  •  Time Vs Daily Budget
  •  Non Billable Listing

If you would like further information on any of these new features or would like assistance with upgrading your system to the new version, please contact the National Resource Centre or your local FilePro Representative.