This month we are highlighting an underutilised yet dynamic feature that delivers enhanced efficiencies to day to day matter management for FilePro users – Workflow module. Because of its comprehensive nature, we won’t be able to offer screen-by-screen descriptions, but keep posted for further video tutorials.

A number of FilePro clients already use workflow to:

  • Improve and create uniformity across processes
  • Increase efficiency and control task completion through integration
  • Give all team members access to the firm’s intellectual property
  • Structure their firm for for productivity gain

Given the never-ending cry for firms to increase efficiency and deliver greater service through each fee earner, turning on the Workflow module will be the most powerful change you can make to FilePro.

Improve and create consistent process

Senior practitioners undoubtedly have the most experience and knowledge around process, but how to impart this knowledge to new and younger staff is always problematic.

FilePro’s Workflow module allows experienced staff to build unique intellectual property around process.

By using Workflow, common procedures and processes are automatically loaded to the matter guiding fee earners on the next steps to be completed from their own unique task list.

Presenting staff with automatic task lists ensures that they are undertaking common processes consistently, while not relying on senior colleagues for guidance on next steps each & every time. This significantly improves productivity across your firm, while reducing errors.

Increase efficiency and control task completion through integration

FilePro’s integration with Microsoft Office allows tasks to call predetermined documents – either FilePro-provided programmed forms or firm-developed precedents. It also passes tasks through to the user’s Outlook, providing for task management and reminders.

In the future, Dashboard will allow you to incorporate FilePro’s task manager in the user’s home Dashboard screen. Here’s a quick sneak peak:

Build firm’s intellectual property (IP)

As with all of modules and programmes, you can build your own process or precedents into FilePro – creating individuality and a strong firm culture and IP.

Whether for succession planning, best practice or simply improved productivity, a firm’s IP strongly supports the value of the practice.

The structure for productivity gain

Following document assembly, we believe Workflow is the next most productive feature that FilePro offers.

Workflow has been an integral module of FilePro for 6 years. We welcome the opportunity to assist your firm in the training and implementation of this comprehensive workflow solution.

For more information and availability of training please contact:

NSW, Victoria, South Australia & WA – NRC 1800 049 790
Queensland – Law Support 07 3040 3036
Tasmania – Tim Gadsby 0419 584 875