We are very excited to release an updated version of FilePro. Version includes a range of new features, such as updates to active and archived files, multiple contact management, document templates and much more.

This version is now available to all clients. To upgrade your FilePro system, follow the instructions at the end of the article.

Active/Archive Files

Some great client feedback has resulted in a change to how the File screen works with Archive Files. If you have Active Files open and need to open an Archive File, it will now open in the same screen and be highlighted with a red tab label to indicate its Archive status.


Contact Improvements

You now have the ability to open multiple Contact Cards when using the Contact Screen – they will now show as separate tabs in E/M Contacts. When a specific contact is opened, either via the contact lookup or the new contact links throughout FilePro (see more below), a new tab is created.

FileProv2160_2Links to open a contact have been added to various screens in FilePro, making it easier to update contact information. Direct Links are available from the Detail, Conveyancing, Probate, Family Law or Court tab. You’ll also be able to right click and Open Contacts from the Contacts tab.





Document Template Previews

You can now preview document templates from the Document Template Manager or Files screen.  Right clicking on the desired template and choosing Preview Template will open a preview screen.  Scrolling through the templates with this screen open will automatically preview the selected template.


Tips and Tricks (Document Screen)

Previous versions of FilePro also included enhancements to the document screen to help you improve efficiency and productivity. These tips can help you get more out of the Document Screen.

Creation of one PDF from a selection of Documents

You’ll often need to send a third party a letter alongside multiple documents. FilePro lets you easily create one PDF from multiple documents and attach them to an email.

To do so, select multiple documents, then right click and ‘Create PDF from Selection’.



The following screen will appear, allowing you to enter a new document name and keywords (if needed). The arrows change the order of the documents in the PDF.



Then simply right click the new document to attach it to an email.



To take advantage of these new features you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of FilePro.

If you feel comfortable updating the system yourself, you can download FilePro v2.1.6.0 from myFilePro. Please remember to always do a backup before you start and make sure all users are logged out. Once you have run the update it’s important to run the DLL update, also available through myFilePro.

If you would like assistance with upgrading your system to the new version, please contact the National Resource Centre.