After months of hard work – session plans, training booklets and rehearsals – we’re proud to announce three new courses as part of our Training Unlimited offering.

As always, these new sessions are available to our clients as part of their standard per-file costs, with no additional fees.

These courses will be available from March. Parts of the content will also be recorded in video format and posted on our Online Learning Hub. These sessions will also eventually form part of a lecture-style session at locations around Australia. Further information will be sent via email and dates will be advised on our website. 

Workflow Course

Recommended for: Fee earners, support staff, practice managers

Requirements: Completion of FilePro Basic Training and FilePro Documents Training.

Workflow is a project management system within FilePro that keeps track of work that needs to be finished on a file, automating tasks that need to be completed for a specific area of law.

The benefits are wide-ranging, helping to work towards best practice and improved productivity within your firm. This course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and processes to create workflows tailored to your firm’s needs. 

Advanced Documents

Recommended for: Support staff, practice managers

Requirements: Completion of FilePro Documents Training and Advanced MS Word experience.

Moving on from the basics of our original document training course, this course takes you through the new FilePro Add-in and the additional functionality with Regions and Multi merge. The focus will also be given to additional Word features, such as ‘Ask’ and ‘If, Then, Else’ Statements, allowing for even smarter templates. 

System Maintenance & Advanced Bookkeeping

Recommended for: Bookkeepers, practice managers, sole practitioners

Requirements: Completion of FilePro Bookkeeping Training

This course aims to provide you with a more in-depth view of the system settings, accounts-based features and reports within FilePro. It moves on from the day-to-day data entry and processing and focuses on system maintenance, advanced features and management reporting.

Making the most of Training Unlimited

A small amount of time engaging in FilePro’s training can lead to hours worth of efficiency gains and many thousands of dollars in billable time. The topics in these new courses are also aligned with strengthening your firm’s IP and increasing the value of your firm, as well as mitigating risk.

Timing is optimal as we come towards the end of the CPD-training year. If you are interested in attending FilePro training or would like help gain access to our Online Learning Hub, please feel free to contact your support team.

We look forward to continuing to build our Training Unlimited content so that you and your staff can get the most out of FilePro.